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Freeze Dryer We are a top Freeze Dryer manufacturer, supplier & exporter in India, offering wide range of Laboratory & Industrial Freeze Dryers and Lyophilizer. These products are created to specifically address the requirements of manufacturers, researchers, and scientists. Our freeze dryers at Swastik can range in complexity from very simple to highly complex, depending on the application.

What is a Freeze Dryer?

A lyophilizer, commonly referred to as a freeze dryer, is a tool or machine used to sublimate or freeze-dry out water or moisture from a substance. When a substance is frozen to an extremely low temperature, the moisture or water is then eliminated by sublimation, which is the immediate transfer of a substance from the solid to the gas state without passing through the liquid state.

Freeze Dryer - Drying Process

The drying procedure is as follows: First off, the low temperature environment has frozen the food's interior moisture. The second phase in the drying process is the direct conversion of the ice present in the initial raw material into steam evaporation in a nearly vacuum environment. Finally, food's internal moisture content will significantly drop. The entire dewatering procedure takes place in a cooler setting than a conventional dryer.

Our freeze dryers are made to remove moisture from materials at low temperatures while under vacuum, protecting sensitive biological samples, food items, and other objects. We provide a range of models with various sizes, capacities, and features to meet your particular needs.

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