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We are a leading Manufacturer & Supplier of Cold Room such as Cold Storage Room, Commercial Cold Room, Prefabricated Cold Room, Storage Cold Room, Insulation Cold Room, Modular Cold Room and many more items from India.

Our services include complete turnkey solution and project management. Our tailor made and customized refrigeration solutions help our clients from different industries to enhance the life of their perishable products without any compromise on the look, feel, touch, taste and of course the quality.

Today, Swastik Enterprise provides end-to-end solutions for Cold Rooms and refrigeration. We are committed to providing products that not only satisfy customer needs but also add value to the equipment investment by reducing costs, improving productivity, ensuring reliability while emphasizing on food safety. The company strives to enable its customers in upgrading their businesses by passively impacting the way they attempt to achieve their own great purposes.

Cold Storage Room

Application of Cold Storage Room

We are providing Cold Room / Cold Storage, which are constructed on large and small scale level. We have a long list of satisfied customer’s right across the board. We have installed our cold rooms for different industry such as food processing, hospitality, warehouses, food retail, dairy & ice cream industry, floriculture, pharmaceuticals and many others. If you are looking for unmatched solution for your refrigeration needs, let’s move forwards to satisfy your need.

We acts as an imagination, innovator, and implementer, that is why customers can get widest temp. Range in cold rooms from +20 to - 80C. In our products humidity is a crucial factor to keep products extremely fresh for longer period of time Our experts always ensures humidity level as per products by using dehumidifier and ultrasonic humidifier.

Our services for modular cold rooms, large cold warehouses, freezer rooms, blast freezers, ripening chambers, pre-coolers, pack houses with wide range of PUF insulated wall, ceiling, floor panels and doors is appreciated on wide scale.

prefabricated cold storages

Prefabricated Cold Storages

We offer a wide range of prefabricated cold storages and combinational rooms. Our cold rooms are designed for special applications and special temperature control. As per demands of various industries, we design cold storages that are widely used for chilling or freezing application. The user-friendly structure is a CFC-free refrigeration system, which facilitates efficient cooling, freezing of the chamber.

Each panel section incorporated with the high quality material. Doors are provided with magnetic gasket and for lower temperature below Zero heater in door gasket is being provided.


Cold room panels have a lightweight, self-supporting, aluminum / GI-sandwich construction with special aluminum / GI profile as wall joints. They are extremely robust, corrosion-resistant, and have waterproof sealing.

Key Features of Cold Rooms:

These Cold rooms are designed & developed customized as per specific requirement of the customer. These are fire retardant as per code, sheeted cabinet using high quality PUF insulation, minimizing the outside ambient temperature.

The panel Thickness can be made from 60 mm to 150 mm. with the maximum size of 1.2mtr X 6.5mtr. Standard density of these PUF filled panels shelter is 40± 2k.g.however the same can be increased or decreased as per specific requirements.

Cold Room Door

Cold Room Door :

Doors high quality cold room door of different thickness and sizes like overlap door, flush type door and sliding door using imported lock and hinges. With thermal break parameter to avoid thermal conductivity otherwise lead to ice formation. For viewing the inside without opening the door, to check if the door swing path is clear, view glass option is available.

Cam lock & Hardware

Cam lock & Hardware :

Cam locks Positive loc locking assemblies that provide perfect alignment of walls, ceiling, floor, corners and door frames. Hardware & Positive seal closure with heavy-duty cast alloy handles and hinges with attractive brushed-chrome finish. Cushions are provided for closing of door, making it noiseless and firmly shut.


Flooring For Cold Storage Room:

Useful to provide the result of an insulated regular floor and also to form a stable base for wall and partitions. PUF slab with Kota stones are being used in big cold rooms with interior & exterior ramps.

A type of floors for various applications with Aluminum chequered plate / SS chequered plate for dry and light weight operations marine Plywood 12mm thick, Seamless Epoxy modified Polyurethane Flooring. Movement of material becomes easy due to use of ramp, without causing any damage to floor.

Dairy & Ice Cream Industry

Cold Storage Room For Dairy & Ice Cream Industry:

We specialize in maintain accurate temperature for dairy and ice cream industry. Once the ice- cream melts then it becomes useless, so it is very necessary to understand need and then design cold room with multiple units so that customers always be at safer side. We design special units for blast freezing to achieve instant cold temperature. By this process, we can quickly hard ice-cream without hampering its flavor, texture, appearance and it also reduces crystal formation. We also design cold room for other critical dairy products such as butter, cheese, pannier and non dairy cream etc.

Cold Storage Room For Horticulture & Floriculture:

We design cold room with highest quality & refrigeration system to maintain temperature, humidity level and air flow, which ensures freshness of fruits, vegetables, flower & other perishable products. To maintain freshness & blossom of flower it is very necessary to control the air flow speed, so to maintain this condition, we manufacture special kind of evaporators for their cold room.

Horticulture & Floriculture

Cold Storage Room For Hospital, Research and Pharmaceutical Industry

Purpose of this industry is to store vaccine, blood samples, drugs, bio products and lots of chemicals. These cold rooms are designed with lot of safety factors like humidity and high & low- temperatures alarm to ensure that room conditions are maintained.

Hospital, Research and Pharmaceutical

Cold Storage Room For Hotel Industry, Food Stores and Restaurant:

To understand actual need for the hospitality segment, we design special refrigeration system because of heavy usage & high frequency of door openings. We provide an option of SS finish and food-grade-sheet on panel and evaporators are of complete SS 304 also. We maintain absolute humidity level inside the cold room and we also customize it accordingly to the need like view window & auto door close mechanism, which helps to maintain uniform temperature and thus maintain factors like quality & hygiene.

Hotel Industry, Food Stores and Restaurant