Cold Room Controller

Cold Room Controller Manufacturer

We have established as a top Cold Room Controller manufacturer, supplier and exporter. Our offered cold room controller are developed to satisfy the requirements of various cold storages and cold rooms. Moreover, These cold room controllers are made as per latest industrial standards. They are highly efficient, reliable and energy saver for different cold room applications.

Electrical control panel is operator friendly designed, which provides better safety with following.

Features of Cold Room Controller

  • Single Phase Preventer, which protect compressor from single phasing, phase failure and phase reversal.
  • Overload Protector current Sensing Device with current relay. This Safeguards compressor motor from the overload.
  • Miniature Circuit Breaker with 4 POLE, which safeguards the Condensing Unit from short circuit.
  • Electrical controller to check voltage, ampere, frequency, phase to phase and phase to neutral voltage.
  • Phase indicator with 3 nos. for Red, Yellow and Blue.
  • ON/Off Buttons with Light Indicators. Auto & Manual Mode switch over button.
  • Indicating lamp with 5 nos. of LED to help the operator to make out fault, also from distance. For thermal protection unit, L.P./H.P. cutout, heater on and oil pressure cut out.
  • Contractor of standard makes 3 No.s Separate for Compressors, Indoor Fan & Heaters.
  • All electrical cables are of standard make.
  • Control Panel MCB used for protection of Electrical Panel.
  • Microprocessor Based Controller with two Sensors used for cold room & evaporator coil to save life of cooling coil & defrosting electricity.