Brine Chiller Manufacturer

Brine Chiller Manufacturer

Swastik Enterprise is a known as reputed brine chiller manufacturer, supplier and exporter. As well-known manufacturers of brine chilling equipment in India, we provide our reliable products in all of the country's major cities. Our brine chilling machines have been used in a variety of chemical and food sectors dependent on the needs of the client.

Brine Chillers are developed with an incorporated air cooled condensers. In addition, it can function with an evaporative or remote air-cooled condenser. They can be installed outdoors or indoors in a machinery room to serve as a brine refrigeration system. Our brine chillers, which integrate all available technologies into the brine cooling system, are equipped with a special management element that enables continuous, trouble-free operation even in a -20°C environment.

Application of Brine Chiller Equipment

The food sector, chemical industry, and plastic processing units all have strong demand for the highly effective brine chiller equipment. It is created in accordance with established market standards utilizing premium grade raw materials and cutting-edge technology. Our provided brine chillers are in high demand in the industries due to their sturdy design, good efficiency, and high resistance to corrosion and weathering. It primarily meets the needs of the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors. Additionally, our plant is renowned for its exceptional temperature stability, extended lifespan, and easy cleaning qualities.

Best Brine Chiller Manufacturer

We are one of the best brine chiller manufacturer in India. We use the most recent technology in the design and production of our products because we have years of experience and a highly skilled and knowledgeable team of technicians. We want to give our clients the most cutting-edge, sophisticated, and secure equipment possible so they can improve their businesses and the industries they serve. We also have a dedicated support team to help our customers with any problems that may develop in the future. If you have any query or requirement of custom made brine chillers, contact us directly.

Capacity 1 TR to 150 TR
Compressor Type Hermetically Sealed Scroll Compressor/ Reciprocating/Screw
Refrigerant Used R22/R407C/R404A
Temperature Range -50 Deg ℃ to 20 Deg ℃
Power supply 415 V -3 Phase- 50 Hz
Condenser Type Water Cooled Condenser /Air cooled Condenser
Evaporator Immersed Coil / BPHE/Shell and Tube
Tank Capacity 80 L to 10KL –As per Requirement
Fabrication and Colour Paint With Corrosion Resistant Powder Coating
Application Reactor Cooling, Food Industry, Beverage Factory, Chemical/Pharma Industries and Process Cooling
Compressor Brand GEA, BOCK, FRASCOLD, Bitzer, Standard Make

Features of Brine Chiller Equipment

  • Most economic solution .
  • Upgraded technical solution: Shell & Tube type heat exchanging method.
  • Compressors of the latest generation technology.
  • Easy achievement of temperatures as low as+ 0 Deg⃘ ℃ to -50 Deg ℃.
  • Manufactured & Design as per customer application.
  • Housing with easy access to all components.
  • Suction gas cooled fully hermetic compressor with crank case heating.
  • Control panel, visual function & Digital temperature controller.
  • Most advanced solution: Plate-type heat exchangers for evaporators and condensers (water-cooled)
  • Can be provided with insulated brine storage tank & re-circulating pump.
  • Control panel, visual function & fault indicator, and Digital temperature controller.
  • High / Low pressure gauges & Cutout with miniature circuit breaker systems.
  • Function control of all main components with visual indication.
  • Electrical cabinet accommodating all necessary power and control components.
  • Low noise running and no pollution.
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